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About Us

Our Values

Values are basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions, they help us determine what is important to us. Our name, Fides Oak®, is an embodiment of the Roman Goddess Fides who’s virtues were Trust, Honesty and Good Faith (sincerity of intent) and the Oak, symbolic of strength, stability wisdom and longevity. Having these as our identity captures perfectly for us how we will behave and what we will leave behind, our legacy.

The Power of Trust

Fundamental to the success of any enterprise undertaken by a team is trust, the belief you can rely on someone, that their intentions are sincere and that honesty is expected in all areas of discourse. Trust has been defined as an inherent characteristic of a team, its mental and moral qualities. Character is essential to individuals and their cumulative character is the backbone of a High Performing Team. Using our values to guide us, we support our clients to maximise the potential of their people and their teams.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie
American industrialist

Benefits of our Approach

Passion, Commitment, Focus, Respect, Agility, Adaptability and Discretionary Effort are among the non-technical benefits that teams experience from the Fides Oak® approach. Our values of Trust, Honesty and Sincerity of Intent coupled with our passion to make a difference by creating a legacy mindset with those we work with is intrinsic to what we do and who we are.

By focusing on and developing the non-technical attributes of a team we can amplify the team’s full potential, realised in results.  We believe people are the solution, holistically we want to maximise all of their talent. Our behavioural analytics allows us to track and measure the impact and benefits of our interventions providing assurance of the utility of our approach.

The Fides Oak® approach develops and enhances performance through focused teams bonded by trust and a clarity of purpose. An atmosphere of trust enables decision making and behaviour that creates the psychological safety needed for innovation, agility, adaptability and the trademark behaviours that deliver organisational objectives and goals.



Lumina Spark Qualified Practitioners

Lumina Spark is the next generation of professional development tools supporting individuals, teams and organisations to achieve high performing cultures .  It provides a framework for better self-understanding and identifying how to improve working relationships, without stereotyping.  Insights from individual personality portraits and team dynamics can contribute to motivational workshops and in depth 1:1 coaching.  Lumina Spark offers an understanding of ourselves in 3 ‘personas’; underlying - how we see ourselves and how we would be if ‘left to our own devises’, every day – how we project ourselves and want others to see us and how our traits adapt to a different environment, overextended – traits that we overplay in periods of stress.


Step Change in Safety

Step Change in Safety is a member-led organisation which is working to make the UKCS the safest oil and gas province in the world in which to work.

Fides Oak® Ltd are members of Step Change in Safety


British Psychological Society

The British Psychological Society is a registered charity which acts as the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK and is responsible for the promotion of excellence and ethical practice in the science, education, and application of the discipline. The British Psychological Society is the leading national organisation for setting standards in psychological testing.

Fides Oak® are qualified by the BPS in the use of psychometrics in occupational settings.


EQ-i 2.0

Emotional Intelligence (“EI”) is proven to be a key indicator of human performance and development. People higher in EI communicate effectively, form strong relationships, and create powerful coping strategies. EI can be measured and it can be substantially strengthened and developed.  The EQ-i 2.0 gives insights into individual EI as a self-reflective assessment or 360o, leadership specifically and a team’s EI dynamic.



Headtorch is a company which is passionate about making a positive impact in workplace mental health. There is clear evidence that everyone benefits from supporting wellbeing and positive mental health.


Oxford Review

The Oxford Review is an Organisation that specialises in peer-reviewed research across the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Human Capital & Resource Management
  • Organisational Development & Change
  • Organisational Learning
  • Coaching
  • Work & Organisational Psychology
  • Decision Making

Fides Oak® are a proud member of The Oxford Review which allows us to maintain our standards to be an evidence based management organisation with our focus on High Performing Teams and Cultures. This enables our approach and support to be based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific literature.



EMCC UK is part of the Europe-wide European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and EMCC Global. Their aim is to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in coaching, mentoring and supervision across Europe, leading the way in standards, ethics and frameworks to aid professional practice.  EMCC members work together to maintain, influence, develop and progress high quality standards in coaching and mentoring in the UK.

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