Fides Oak® Ltd Website- AI Policy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy

At FidesOak® we utilise artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance our content creation and user experience. This policy outlines how we use AI and our commitment to responsible and transparent AI practices.


This policy applies to all AI-generated content and services provided by FidesOak®, including but not limited to text, images, videos, and avatars.

1. AI-Generated Content

2. AI-Powered Video Editing

3. Image Generation and Avatar Videos

4. Ethical Considerations

5. Data Privacy

6. User Feedback and Concerns

We believe that AI technologies, when used responsibly and transparently, can greatly enhance the user experience and content quality on our website. However, we also acknowledge the importance of human oversight and judgement in the content creation process.

This AI policy is subject to change as we continue to explore and adopt new AI technologies. We will update this policy accordingly and notify our users of any significant changes.

Last updated: 28.6.2024