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Centrica Storage



An important project with significant benefit to the Terminal and the business needed to be executed while the Terminal remained live and operational. The project team was formed from key contracting partners as well as core crew personnel.

Getting the balance right between maintaining safe operations and production while executing a critical project on the terminal was at the heart of the FidesOak® support. Centrica were clear that they wanted a “One Team” approach, where all stakeholders had an equal voice and were committed to a safe and successful outcome. Fundamental to this outcome would be a climate of Trust and Respect underpinned by the Centrica Values.

The challenge

Mature organisations know and understand that there will be potential tension between project delivery and safety. Those organisations organise themselves to manage the risks that this tension can potentially generate. The teams at the terminal were very mindful of the additional risk undertaking a significant project would introduce, particularly when the terminal was “live”. They were very familiar with the plant, the project team were not.

The solution

FidesOak® were requested to support the teams in developing a “One Team” approach. This approach would be facilitated by utilising the FidesOak® High Performing Team methodology which identifies “people as the solution” and therefore puts them at the centre of the approach. FidesOak® measured the culture within both teams using its proprietary High Performing Team Assessment.

The HPT® Assessment results highlighted areas where the teams were aligned as well as focus areas that would bridge the gap between potential and performance. It was clear that the team were very technically competent and that the desired performance would come through a focus on the non-technical elements of the team dynamics.

Key benefits

By focusing on and developing the non-technical attributes of a team we can amplify the team’s full potential, realised in results.  We believe people are the solution, holistically we want to maximise all of their talent. Our behavioural analytics allows us to track and measure the impact and benefits of our interventions providing assurance of the utility of our approach.

The FidesOak® approach develops and enhances performance through focused teams bonded by trust and a clarity of purpose. An atmosphere of trust enables decision making and behaviour that creates the psychological safety needed for innovation, agility, adaptability, and the trademark behaviours that deliver organisational objectives and goals.

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