The goddess Fides

Transforming Safety Leadership at a Global Mining Company



Our Client conducted a number of gap analysis to ascertain the maturity of their safety culture. This gap analysis was measured against a 5-stage maturity model, most of the sites measured were identified as being at level 2, their aspiration is to reach level 5. This was identified as a multiyear journey for the organisation, where leaders would focus on creating an enabling environment where their people were seen as the solution to further innovation, agility and adaptability in complex work environments.

The challenge

Our Client faced the challenge globally of improving its safety culture to achieve an injury and fatality-free workplace. This challenge needed to influence not only organisational culture but attend to the nuances of national culture within a business delivered globally by diverse teams.

The solution

This global Mining organisation sought FidesOak®’s expertise due to their extensive experience in implementing change programmes where motivating and inspiring people are at its heart. With a focus on identifying and capacitating cultural architects within the business to lead the change therefore transferring capability into our clients. FidesOak® provided comprehensive support across five key areas: Change Management and Engagement Strategy, National Culture, Coaching Support on Site, Measurement, Advisory to CEO and Executive Teams

Key benefits

FidesOak®’s partnership with the client in implementing this transformational programme exemplifies the power of a humanistic and engaging approach to safety leadership. By fostering authentic leadership, empowering employees, and leveraging behavioural insights, FidesOak® enabled our client to progress towards its goal of an injury and fatality free workplace.

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