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Mining in Perfect Harmony – Understanding the Cadence of Operations

June 12, 2024
Eddie McCullough

For those operating in the mining sector, the rhythm and cadence of operations is fundamental to efficiency and reliability. Unlike many other industries, the mining process cannot simply be stopped and restarted at will. When the machines start up and miners get to work, it kicks off a finely tuned rhythm that when sustained enables performance, avoids disruptions and enhances the working day of the teams.

Defence of this cadence presents a unique challenge for any consultant looking to implement cultural change or training programmes. How do you integrate smoothly into an operation that is sensitive to a pause, even momentarily, without the teams perceiving a negative consequence?

At FidesOak® we have cracked the code on harmonising our methods with the unbending rhythms of the mining world. Through years of experience and a deep understanding of the mining language and processes, we have developed a modular approach designed to fit seamlessly into the upbeat tempo of operations.

Our flagship program consists of learning sprints that can be blended between shifts or routine tasks without breaking the cadence. High quality, succinct, dynamic toolbox talks, relevant to the activities being undertaken are a key component of our approach that can be tailored to sprints. We understand that in an environment that is sensitive to operations, requesting a couple of hours of uninterrupted time is often asking too much. That is why our balanced, metronomic methodology allows us to gain traction incrementally.

However, we also recognise that there are times when an extended working session yields exponentially better results. For those rare opportunities, we can conduct more comprehensive and deeper immersions during scheduled downtimes, allowing your team to receive focused training without hampering productivity.

We know that mining operations may be hesitant to introduce new programs, fearing that they might disrupt the delicate balance of productivity. That's why our approach is tailored to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows. Our modular design allows for flexibility and adaptability, ensuring that your teams can continue their work without missing a beat.

The mining industry's dance is exquisitely choreographed, from the timing and movement of people to the synchronised dance of machines. Our consultants are prepared to move in perfect lockstep, bringing critically important cultural optimisation and upskilling in harmony with your rhythm.

If you are seeking a partner that understands the music of mining like no other, a collaboration with FidesOak® will have your entire operation performing at its best.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve operational excellence without skipping a beat.

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